Talent Selection

Do you wish you could do a better job of hiring the right people?

We can help you determine the best fit for almost any job, from individual, in-depth C-Suite executive appraisals involving the use of personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests to large-scale screening efforts at job fairs with tens of thousands of applicants. We have worked to help select people in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, service, health care, energy, education, and private equity, among others. In doing so, we have worked cooperatively with labor attorneys, corporate counsel, labor unions, and recruiters.
While our expertise is in psychological testing, we do not subscribe to any one particular test. We believe in using the test that is best suited for measuring what needs to be measured. To that end, we will use any of a number of off-the-shelf, valid and reliable, tests or design one that is customized for a particular use. Like any other tool, not every test can be used in every situation.
Below are some general descriptions of the typical ways in which we can be of service when it comes to talent selection:
Individual Assessment:
a focused, nuanced analysis of a candidate in order to determine fit for a specific role in an organization.
High Involvement Individual Assessment – Involves utilizing a battery of tests with a job candidate that measure personality and cognitive ability followed by an in-person (or video conference), 2-hour interview. A narrative report is written about the candidate that explores the person’s personality, intelligence, fit for the position, and developmental needs. In addition, feedback is often provided to the hiring manager shortly after the interview.
Limited Involvement Individual Assessment – Similar to the In-depth Individual Assessment, a battery of tests that includes measures of personality and cognitive ability are given to the job candidate; however, there is no follow-up interviewing. Feedback is provided in either verbal and/or written form.
Broad Assessment:
an automated analysis of job candidates based on identified characteristics shown to be critical to success in particular jobs or job families.
Capabilities Report – Involves the use of a battery of personality and cognitive ability tests selected based on the results of a job analysis of the job(s) in question. A computer-generated report, based on candidate test scores, is prepared and sent to the hiring manager immediately following completion of testing. Capabilities Reports include information on how candidates scored on various job-related criteria and provide customized follow-up questions for subsequent interviews.
Screening Assessment – Highly focused assessment used for screening large candidate pools. Emphasis is placed on creating a legally defensible selection process that can withstand significant Courtroom scrutiny. Output is usually limited to a “band score” that orders candidates in terms of their statistically determined likelihood of success in the job.
I had the good fortune of partnering with Gary over the past 3 years as we evaluated candidates for sales and management positions within my Company. Gary's expertise was invaluable and an important aspect of our hiring process. Gary is insightful and personable, and truly an expert in his field. I would highly recommend his services and hope to have the privilege of working with him in the future.
Kathe L. Burkholder SHRM-SCP, SPHR, M.S.
Experienced Human Resources Business Consultant