If you find it difficult to persuade and inspire others to meet goals and tackle tough projects, then you’ll benefit from making an effort to improve your ability to lead and motivate those around you.
Managing one’s impression is an important aspect of being an effective leader, as people can misinterpret intentions very easily. A good place for you to start thinking about this would be with the book Why Should Anyone be Led by You? by Goffee and Jones. Alternatively, a Harvard Business Review article is available with this title, as well. You should read the book (or article) and then consider what you think you own leadership style ought to be in order to continue down your chosen career path. Talking with your boss or mentor about what you have learned would be a good follow up.
All leaders struggle with being as effective as they can be in terms of influencing others. While you pride yourself on being logical in the way that you present your arguments, you may find himself missing your mark due to your inability to provide a real vision around at what he you are trying to sell. A good place to start in this regard would be with Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Science of Persuasion. After reading it, you should identify at least two things that you would like to see done differently, and then put together a specific influence strategy using techniques from Cialdini’s book.